Thursday, February 27, 2014

Still recovering

Yes I am still fighting that Valentine’s Day cold John shared with me.   Woke up with a cold in my eyes Sunday morning.  I wanted to wait until Monday morning and go see the nurse practitioner at the Dr’s office, since I know her so well, and she knows me.  But John insisted that we go to the Walk-In Clinic, so we did… and the “Dr” on duty was my favorite nurse practitioner herself! 

I can thank this prolonged “cold” to prednisone.  I’ve been on it so long that my body has trouble fighting things. 
So I haven’t done much sewing, don’t want my drippy nose and eyes to contaminate my project.  But I have gotten a lot of reading done, and napping too… funny how a good book and a cat on your lap will put you right to sleep!

1 comment:

  1. I am smiling...picturing the cat on your lap; book in hand; and you dozing off and on. Sometimes our bodies take over and make rest. I hope you are better soon; like by tomorrow!


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