Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday

We survived Thanksgiving Day somehow, it ended up quite different than I had planned. First Mike and Kelly arrived with their kitty Mufasa, they were invited but kitty was a surprise. We had talked about his coming for a visit at some time, so they decided yesterday was the day. He actually did very well, and made himself right at home here. He explored every nook and cranny he could find, peeked out every window, and finally settled down on my recliner like he owned it. It was comical when Pop was sitting in it, and Mufasa wanted to sit in it also, he sort of pushed Pop’s legs aside until there was just enough room for him in the chair too.

The other unexpected guests were my brother-in-law’s GF Deidra and her son Xion. I knew Sean was coming with Pop and Arden, but didn’t have a clue he was bringing guests until they walked in the door. So we scrambled to make room for them at the table, putting in another leaf, finding two more placemats, and digging out two more place settings of my good china. I really enjoyed their visit, and hope we see more of them.

There was just enough food, which is nice, and there were little leftovers, which was nicer. Don’t get me wrong, I love leftovers, but sometimes there is just too much and it gets boring after a few days. We have enough for a few sandwiches, and maybe one hot meal, which to me is perfect.

For some reason after dinner Mike decided to go digging in his old room, which is now storage, and he found some valuable (?) treasures. He came downstairs wearing his Michigan starter jacket, and even took it home. He also found a box containing an old Nintendo and lots of games… he brought down the old gaming TV and hooked the Nintendo up in the office, and they played games off and on all night long.

It was a very pleasant day, although we really missed Jonathon and Steph. This is the first Thanksgiving Jonathon has not been home, and it was strange not having him here. There are left over croissant rolls for the first time ever!

And now it is Black Friday, I imagine both of my guys are shopping… not me, I hate shopping, and the Black Friday crowds are way out of my comfort zone. I have a new Mystery project starting today on the mystery group, so that is how I plan to spend my day.

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