Thursday, November 06, 2008

Tomorrow will be better!

I am way behind on so many things, and the emails are piling up, I thought I'd better send a message to all my friends about my whereabouts.... I am alive, I am pretty sure of that, I think....LOL!

I had been away in Lancaster PA retreating with two different groups. The first retreat I already reported on, and the second one I am still recovering from... not the retreat but the bug that I came down with while there. Sadly it hit several of us right in the middle of our Saturday night activities, spoiling one of the funnest parts of the retreat. Up until then it had been a lot of fun, and people were getting a lot of quilting and even more shopping done.

I was so sick that I had to call in a rescue team to come and get me home. Thanks to Jonathon and Steph, my friend Anne made it to the airport on time, and thanks to John for driving me home... I do not remember any of the ride between Lancaster and Newark, and barely any of the trip down home either.... as a matter of fact I don't remember much of Monday and most of Tuesday was a blurr also. (I do know we have a new president elect, 8^D !)

Today I thought I was going to resume normalcy, but fell asleep in my recliner somewhere around nine AM and woke up on my bed a little after four... can anyone tell me how I got from one to the other? I'm clueless! At least I can report that I ate something today, scrambled eggs and toast, and for the first time in a long time my system didn't reject it. Maybe tomorrow things will be better.

Maybe tomorrow I can read and reply to some of the over 350 emails which have piled up in my email box?
Maybe tomorrow I can update my BOM pages?
Maybe tomorrow I can post some photos from the two retreats?
Maybe tomorrow I can send out the patterns to those patient ladies who have paid for them? (No, I WILL do that tomorrow, I promise!)
Maybe tomorrow I can send out the email my staff partner asked me to send two weeks ago? (Sorry Laura, tomorrow I promise!).
And maybe tomorrow I can start feeling human again....
And then maybe we can finish the room moving.... remember that's still undone!

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