Thursday, November 20, 2008

Replies to email questions

I’m glad you ask questions, because it gives me something to write about, LOL! Right now my head isn’t functioning normally, so I need ideas.

Annie in Texas asked me what I’ve been up to, since my blog has been quite lately. Truthfully, I’m fighting a serious head cold, and haven’t been up to very much at all. When I feel up to doing anything, it’s getting this house put back in order. The sewing room is a total mess, since I’ve been working everywhere but here since I got back from the retreats, and none of the retreat stuff has found a home yet. But at least now all the bedroom stuff is out of here, so there is a little more room, very little.

The master bedroom is put back together in it’s new location downstairs, and it looks pretty good. John repainted it with a color as close to the original color as possible, so the walls look like new again. And he shampooed the carpet, so it looks pretty good too. We need new blinds, since the old ones are sagging a little, but they aren’t in the budget right now so the old ones will have to do. I might hide them behind some lace panels, LOL!.

And the office is pretty much back together again, just “stuff” to get put away as soon as I get the energy.

Kim in PA wanted to know what I do with all the quilts I make… Many are still here at home, have never seen a bed or been used, but are well traveled. They are the lucky quilts that get to be shown when I do a trunk show or class. There are a few of those who pull double duty and are used, including my scrappy stars, broken dishes, crooked squares and the sofa log cabin. The scrappy stars is on my bed right now, and in the summer the broken dishes is on the bed. The crooked squares is used on the sofa bed on the back porch, and the log cabin is on the living room sofa if anyone ever needs it.

Some of my samples I give away. As a matter of fact I just gave several to Project Linus and sent a few to a friend to quilt for Children’s Hospital in Phila.

And of course I sell some, or at least try. There are a few up for sale now at These all benefit the American Cancer Society. When I get back from my road trip this spring, I will be trying to sell a few more, to reduce my personal collection some… I’m running out of room in the closet to store them.

And from Carla in CA who asked if there will be a new block in December… I don’t have one planned, but I might put something up, check the web site.

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