Thursday, November 13, 2008

Local News!

Here’s one you might hear about on the news tonight, locally anyway. I heard about it last night.

Today the hospital had a horrible accident, one of the medical helicopters crashed on the roof of the hospital. There was fuel everywhere, and they had to evacuate. The blades from the copter flew in to adjacent buildings, including the one John works in. The people in the front of the building were more seriously injured than John, who fortunately works in the back of the building. He was slightly confused, and dazed.

How did I know about this last night if it happened today? It was test of the emergency system at the hospital. All a test… nothing really happened, just a lot of simulations.

They were also testing their emergency telephone system. I got a phone call asking me, well really John, if he was available to help evacuate the hospital. I answered no, since he was there and in the state of confusion.

John practiced for his role in this last night by locking his keys in his vehicle, while it was still running…. I’m sure that helped him do well in his confused simulation today.

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