Saturday, November 15, 2008

Have you made all of your blocks of the months?

Wow, what an interesting question, and honestly I had to go look at my list and think about it. I was pretty sure that I had, but some of them I don’t remember making, so I started looking through my computer files.

Since I like samplers so much, I made a lot of the BOMs into samplers, Looking at that page I realized I’ve made two more samplers which I don’t even have photos of, and of course those were all BOMs, I checked my EQ files to confirm that. I even have two samplers with blocks in them which have not been BOMs, yet!

My earliest BOMs I know I made, because I needed to test the pattern. Although when people started finding booboos in the BOMs, I realized I wasn’t really testing the pattern, since I knew what I was making I was just making them without even looking at the pattern.

A few of the BOMs I have used in other quilts, and some of them I still have laying around waiting to be used in something. I have a box with quite a few blocks in it, most of them BOMs, some on line, some not yet on line. There is also a box labeled Rejec Blocks with blocks that didn’t turn out right… I have a project in mind for them someday.

Yes, I make mistakes too. Some blocks don’t come out the right size, either too large or two small, which is why I test them to start with. And some I just didn’t like the fabrics I picked up to make the sample with, usually scraps from my scrap bin. (Those end up in that Rejec box since they are rejects)

There is one block on my BOMs list that I don’t remember making, and can’t find a photo of, and that is Next Door Neighbor….
Although it’s been on line for over 11 years, so I probably did, and who knows what happened to it, LOL!

Thanks for that question Dawn, it was a fun one to answer!

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