Sunday, June 14, 2009

Flag Day

Flags Today is Flag Day, are you flying your flag?

Not much happening here, just hanging on and waiting for the next step. Nothing can describe our anxiousness. Nothing can describe our worries.

Trying to get back to real normal, although I’m sure there is no normal anymore. I spent a day this week with Joan, just visiting and catching up. We delivered some goodies to the Serendipity Quilt shop in Dagsboro for the anniversary sale, including a Flight Like A Girl t-shirt for her silent auction. On the way back from the quilt shop Joan was full of ideas for other places to sell them, from here to New Hampshire. I thought to myself how enthusiastic Joan was, and wished I had some of her spunk.

The next afternoon Joan called me all excited, she had a possibly huge order for t-shirts. Few minutes after we talked the phone rang again, and the possible huge order was confirmed. A local business wanted to send samples and order forms to all of the stores in the state, due back July 1st….. she thinks there could be orders of 150 or more come from it… way to go Joanie!

But she wasn’t done yet. On Friday she stopped by here with money for two more, bought one for herself, and five minutes after she left the house called to tell me she needed another one.

So right now my normal is being Fight Like A Girl headquarters. I’ve sold several on eBay this week, and Joan seems to sell one a day, or more, LOTS more.

Want one, send me an email!

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