Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Getting better

No, I haven’t written about our friend lately, but she’s doing ok, thanks for asking. John is now giving her her meds on a daily basis at the same time every day, and making darn sure she takes them. Although she is still a long way from herself, at least she isn’t biting my head off anymore, not that there’s much left to bite after last week.

We enjoyed two pleasant dinners out over the weekend, and a nice long chat about mostly nothing one night after dinner. It was nice, for a change, and I credit that to her meds starting to work in her system again, thank goodness.

Then yesterday morning something happened that will change a lot of things. She decided, completely on her own, to invite her sister to her new condo. Prior to this she did not want any contact with her sister at all, which I understand because her sister has a tendency to be a little domineering and inconsiderate of other people. John’s mother has always been like that, sadly, totally unlike her sister who was normally a caring and considerate loving person, before dementia anyway.

She invited her sister to her condo for a visit, yes, but had no idea where it was or how to tell her to get there. So poor John got the phone call we’ve been dreading, his Mother asking how to get to Sheryl’s. Before he told her, he called Sheryl to make sure she was ok with it, and she confirmed that she had indeed invited her sister for a visit. So John called his Mother back and gave her directions.

When I took Sheryl to the dentist later in the afternoon, she mentioned that she’d had a visit from her sister, and I asked her how it went. She said that it was pretty nice, went smoothly, and she was glad it was over with. I was thankful that it went smoothly but know darn well it’s not over yet. There are more chapters to this story to come.

Today we have our first new doctors visit, I can only hope that it goes smoothly… fingers crossed and prayers being said!

Sewing, I forget how and my machine is giving up on ever seeing me again...

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