Sunday, June 02, 2013

Doing better

Finally, for the first time since the end of April, I’m starting to feel almost myself again, almost.  I’m still very tired all the time, but the pain is pretty much tolerable now.  Not enough I can sew yet, but boy do I have a sewing itch. 

John on the other hand is not in a good mood at all… he’s prepping for that yucky procedure we all hate but have to do about every four or five years.  He’s not tolerating it well at all and I really feel bad for him.  I’m very thankful he’s scheduled for 8AM so his mystery will be over quickly tomorrow…. I hope…. history shows he doesn’t tolerate anesthetics well. 

As I said, I have a sewing itch, but there are two projects in the sewing room keeping me from starting anything new.  I will be back to it soon, perhaps even tomorrow, fingers crossed!

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  1. That is good news from you. Poor John; I hope all goes well.


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