Wednesday, June 12, 2013

National Peanut Butter Cookie Day

Kathy called me this morning and asked why I hadn’t posted, after she asked me how I was feeling.  She said just because I wasn’t 100% gave me no excuse what so ever not to be posting on my blog…. So she thinks.  I really hate to whine, so I just haven’t been posting.  But since Kathy and others want to hear from me, let me share a memory with you all. 
Did you know today was National Peanut Butter Cookie Day?  Just that statement took me back to my childhood to a tiny two room schoolhouse in southern NJ.  Two teachers for five grades, kindergarten through fourth, and oh so many memories.  One special memory was the school cook.  Mrs. Ware was the grandmother of one of the students, although she probably had more grandchildren in the system and most had gone through that school.  She was the best school cook ever and I know she would have won awards for her cooking.  (IMHO that is.) 

And one of her specialties was… yep, peanut butter cookies.  They were huge, probably as big as my hand now, so gigantic to us little kids and they were oh so very yummy.  Crisp on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside.  It was an rare honor to get more than one cookie, and I know that more than one time I received that honor.  There were days that I needed a little something, and magically a cookie would appear to take away the drama of the day. 

I doubt I ever realized then how special that honor was, or how magically those cookies made me feel better.  And I doubt I never thanked her for being such a great cook and special friend, so I’ll send up my thanks now.  I hope all the angels are eating Mrs. Ware’s Peanut Butter Cookies today.
Here’s a recipe although I know it’s nowhere near as good as Mrs. Ware’s. 

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