Sunday, June 30, 2013

Good-bye Google Reader

Do you know what happens when you don’t check in on your blog reader for a long long time?  I do… when you go there you have a total of 3191 blog posts to read, LOL!  Actually I have read blogs, but not on Google Reader.  But someone else’s post today reminded me today was the last day for that reader, so I checked it just for the fun of it.
While I was checking blogs I decided to check when some people had updated.  There were a few bloggers on there who are pretty bad at posting, some more than a year… so I’ve deleted them.  (Even checking posts from over a year ago makes me wonder why I was following them anyway.) 

And then are those blogs that people start just for a certain project, and then leave the blog there forever… deleted. 
And sadly, bloggers who are no longer with us.  It only makes me sad to go back and read their words, so I deleted those blogs.  I have the happy memories, those are good enough for me. 

Now I know I have not been very good about posting myself lately, but I will try to do better now that I am feeling somewhat up to par again.  I don’t want anyone deleting me because I haven’t posted!



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