Monday, March 17, 2014

Did you think I got lost?

No I have not been sick, thank you for asking.  Yes I’ve had a horrible cold which is lingering, but so is winter, but that isn’t why I haven’t posted.  For the last few weeks I’ve been working with a sick lap top.  I’ve done what was absolutely necessary but not much else, hoping it wouldn’t die on me before the new one arrived. 

Which brings a big question, how often do you back up?  I do, but not enough, and the first time my screen blacked out on me I checked my back up… and as soon as we got up and running again I did another back up.  Then I backed up everything I did anytime I made any changes as soon as they were done. 

My new lap top arrived late Friday and I’ve spent almost every waking moment since then getting it up and running.  What was the first thing I “tried” to load?  Electric Quilt of course!  However I ran into a slight problem, so will be calling them this morning.  (They have the BEST support of any software provider I know!)  Second to EQ was Office, and that gave me problems too, but a phone called got me squared away. 

I downloaded programs that are important to me, IrFranView, PictureResize and of course SolSuite.  Well I downloaded SolSuite and bought a new registration key, but did you know you have to give them your correct email when you do that… I didn’t.  I mean I knew you did, but I didn't.  I blame it on getting used to the new keyboard, I keep leaving the “I” out of Hotmail…hotmal doesn’t work.  However, once again I was saved by a great support team, they noticed my error and fix it, and I got the new registration key despite my typing booboo. 

So now I’m up and running again and will try to stay in touch.  Except… I’m packing for the spring retreats and you know how that goes.  But I will try, I promise.

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