Saturday, March 29, 2014


I’m done taking apart those blocks I mentioned in my last post, five whole days ago.  No it didn’t take me five days to do it, honest.  I had them all apart and in the proper pieces in just two days. 

So what have I been doing otherwise?  Packing.  Organizing and packing.  And reorganizing and repacking.  No matter what I take out I still have way too much stuff.  Waaaaaay too much.  Fortunately it’s not all for me, there is some stuff in there that won’t come back. 

There is a huge box of t-shirts, retreat apparel ordered by the ladies.  One or two extras only, actually mistakes from the printer.  (Thanks Darlene!)  None of those will come back, except maybe the extra t-shirts which just happen to be my size. 

There is also a box of stuff for Bob’s Blankie Brigade.  One finished quilt, one top, and a whole lot of fabric. 

I’m also taking up a few quilts for sale, with hopes of raising some more money for Relay For Life.  I would be extremely happy not to bring any of those back and raise money for this year’s fund drive. 
It’s that and all the extra stuff I’m taking that fills up the car.  The electrical box with extension cords, surge protectors, irons and who knows what else.  It’s the three (or is it four) cutting mats, the tool box with the “someone might need something”  in it.  I just said to John that I wonder what it would be like to take just MY stuff… I’m not sure I would know how to pack for that. 

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