Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Remember that cold?

I don’t mean the weather, although that is cold… I mean the one that John gave me on Valentine’s Day?  I’m still fighting it.  Today is day 10 of the antibiotics and I’ve used up all the other medicines, I’m dreading a return visit to the Dr’s office.  But if I must go I will, I just don’t want to… 

In the meantime, my trusty old (6+) years lap top is dying, giving me fits and problems on even the simplest of tasks.  I wasn’t planning on getting a new lap top and it certainly isn’t in the budget…  but if you must you must and I did… order a new one.  I think the old one knew, because today it is giving me even more fits than it did yesterday.  Fortunately I did a backup over the weekend, so I’m ready for whatever it does to me.  But I sure hope the new one gets here quick!

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