Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Simone asked me if I could do directions for 54-40 and Fight, and I started to tell her to look at Grandma’s Star on my web page, it was the same block.  I went to the BOM page to get the URL and… well it isn’t there.  It should have been there, I did it as a BOM in 2010.  I looked up and down the list, and nope, it isn’t there. Not under any of its given names 54-40, 54-40 and Fight, The Railroad Quilt, Nine Patch Star, Old-Fashioned Pin Wheel, or Grandma’s Star.

I went to the file manager, and sure enough, it was on line but for some odd reason it wasn’t listed in the index.  So I added it to the index, both as 54-40 and Grandma’s Star. 

While I was checking that, I decided that I really should do some updating and that’s what I’ve been doing.  Some of the Smaller Blocks I’ll be adding are already on line as 12 1/2 inch blocks, so I’ll be updating those pages to include many different sizes.  (Anywhere from 3 inch blocks to 18 inch blocks in some cases) 

And if there is a pattern included in the BOM, or somewhere else on the web site, I’ll be linking them. 

And all that should keep me busy for a while! 

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