Friday, June 13, 2014

Friday the 13th….

I am not normally a superstitious person however this Friday the 13th has started out horribly…  I’ve been working for a month now on updating BOMs on my web site.  I use Electric Quilt for my diagrams, and have a project file I use time and time again for diagrams.  In that project file were over 150 quilt blocks which have appeared or were scheduled to appear as BOMs. 

Today as I have for the last month I opened the file and started work…  I saved a block, brand new block, one that I can’t find in any books, on any web sites and not even in Block Base.  EQ took a while to save, and I realized that maybe I had too many fabrics in the projects. 

So..  I went to Compress Project File Size and clicked on Delete unused fabrics only.  I thought… as I clicked OK I saw my finger had slipped…  NO! Too late      back to work


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  1. Argggghhhh! Should have stayed in bed, huh?


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