Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Almost caught up

Candi wanted to know if I’d recovered from my Friday the 13th disaster.  Thanks for asking and I can happily report that I have made great progress, but am not fully recovered yet.  I had over 150 blocks in that project file when I “accidently” deleted most of them.  They were in order by type (4 patch, 9 patch, 16 ect) and all color coordinated so I could use them as BOMs.  It was a file I created when I started the BOMs back in 1997 and have updated time and time again.  The original file was from EQ3 and then it was updated to EQ5 which is the oldest working copy I still have of it.  It was not just a month’s worth of work, but YEARS of work.

As of this morning I have 146 blocks in the EQ7 project file.  The new block I had created is gone, until it hopefully pops in my brain again someday. 

And yes, I save it OFTEN and I save it with a dated name each time so I will always have a backup copy.  (Block Book Updated, Block Book Updated 6/14, Block Book Updated 6/15, Block Book Updated 6/16 and Block Book Updated 6/17)  And I have saved them on my lap top and on my backup hard drive. 

And now I am taking a break from them, and working on the web page itself.  I decided it needed some cleaning up and sharpening.  Yes, I have backups! 

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