Sunday, June 22, 2014


John and I celebrated our 44th wedding anniversary on Friday.  We had planned a trip out of town, but with an out of town wedding to go to in August, decided to save some money for then.  But he’d asked for the time off, and took it to stay home and relax. 

Friday we did lunch at one of my favorite places to eat locally, Big Fish.  I absolutely love love love their house salad minus the tomatoes, (wild greens, gorgonzola, walnuts and maple walnut vinaigrette) with a side of crab cake.  Their crab cake is pretty much my favorite locally.  John had a seafood platter and sadly we didn’t have any room left at all for dessert, which is also great there. 

After lunch I was relaxing on the back deck and I noticed some activity on the woodpile… was I seeing more than one groundhog back there?  It had been 15 days since I last saw any of the babies… but sure enough, they are back again.  Now will someone tell me where they went?  Did they go visit Grandma?  Did they go to the beach?  How can four little groundhogs and mom stay hidden for 15 days? 

Saturday we relaxed at home, had some company stop in to use our showers… Mike and Kelly are at FireFlyMusic Festival up in Dover and came here to clean up..  after two days in heat and dust, they sure needed it.  After they left we had dinner and then chilled.. isn’t that what you are supposed to do on vacation.

Sadly, since I couldn’t get him out of town, John is back on his normal routine, taking care of everyone and everything that needs doing. I think this will be our last staycation, since he can’t stop working unless he is out of town, and sometimes even then he’s not off duty.
Tomorrow we’re going to the beach, and then maybe on a shopping adventure… my dryer died yesterday.  

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