Thursday, August 28, 2014

Haven’t been sewing

I’ve been deciding, lots of decisions and I keep changing my mind too, which doesn’t help.  I’m making a quilt for the newlyweds, although the way I’m going they will be an old married couple before I even start it. 

It was going to have scrappy four patches, found fabric I liked so that part will not be scrappy.  Was going to have scrappy dark, didn’t like choices so decided on just two.  Was going to have a w-o-w background, had that but kind of wanted a pale blue and white floral, never found anything even remotely close. 

Then today I saw some new fabric that came in at the local quilt shop.  Took a drive to Serendipity and there it was.  BUT… it had green in it, and was too tan and the blue was wrong.  So it stayed at the shop.  HOWEVER… they had the blue I liked and didn’t have enough of so I bought two more yards of that, and now I’m set.  Hopefully tomorrow I can start cutting.  Hopefully nothing distracts me.  Hopefully…. 

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