Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Almost retreat time

I just sent out an email to the Spring Retreaters, asking them if they were ready… and as soon as I hit send I realized I was no where near ready myself, LOL! First, when I left the November Retreat last year I was sick, and I didn’t even pack up the stuff myself. When we got home, John put it away in the garage, and I haven’t looked at it since. Who knows what is where, and I think I’d better go sort things out before I pack them in the car.

What do I take to a retreat with me… it’s almost easier to say what I don’t take. OK, so I leave home the kitchen sink, but almost everything else comes. Electrical cords, enough that every table has four plugs, with a surge protector on each table. Kitchen utensils, not a lot, but enough for us to function, and paper plates because we have to eat. A cutting table, although I may leave that home this time… and an ironing board and irons… the irons I’m going to have to find, not sure where they are packed. Sewing machines, although this trip I only need to bring one for myself. I’ll bring cutting mats and rulers, and of course spare rotary blades, the retreaters always seem to need them.

My Relay Store… I take along things that quilters may want to purchase, with the proceeds going to my Relay For Life fund drive. I think I have some interesting items this year, if I can get organized enough to get them packed!

Of course I take along stuff to sew too, this time I am taking two or three new designs I want to work on, brand new to Delaware Quilts patterns. I will also take along a UFO or two, incase those new projects get finished quickly.

Guess I’d better get packing!

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