Tuesday, March 03, 2009


I received quite a compliment today, one that caused me to think about how lucky I am right now. I was communicating with a web advertiser about advertising my retreats. They were offering a very nice web page for getting the word out, but I really don’t need to advertise. I explained that my retreats are usually booked a year in advance, with the quilters coming back year after year, and advertising would be redundant really.

The advertiser said “take a look at how many businesses are "challenged" right now, and you are booked so far in advance. Many are doing what you are, but it seems like you really know how to do it, since people keeping coming back for more.”

I am very lucky to have such a successful group of quilters who come back year after year to catch up on their quilting and each other. The Spring Retreat will be starting our 13th year of retreating, and a few quilters have been around for all 13 of those fun years. They are much more than just quilters to me, they are friends I hope I can keep around for years to come, retreats or not. And I look forward to making more friends for years to come.

Here are a few interesting stats about the retreats…
.. There have now been 29 retreats, with the upcoming Spring Retreat being #30.
.. There are 12 ladies who have attended more than ten retreats total, and 90 ladies have attended more than one retreat. The total number of retreaters is 190
.. Ladies have attended from 24 different states and 3 foreign countries.
.. There have been four brave men attend retreats, but only one of them was a quilter. He left a quite an impression on the ladies at that retreat, believe me!

Retreat photo album, our history, click here.

To all 190 of you, thanks for the memories and so very much more. And to the 11 new retreaters signed up for 2009 retreats, I am looking forward to meeting you.

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