Friday, March 06, 2009

You Found $5

You Found $5… This is just something I did last year for West Sussex Relay, I hid a tiny message in different places on the event web site and gave the $5 donation to the person who found it first. It got people to look at Relay pages they wouldn’t normally look at. Even committee members admitted they had never looked so closely at the great site ACS provides for us. This year I am “hiding” $5 at East Sussex, but I’m not sure anyone is looking for it. The first three I put on were found quickly, but there is a fiver on there now that hasn’t been found. I’ll give everyone till the next Team Captains meeting to find it and then move it someplace else. People just need to look at other peoples’ pages too!

And NO, this is NOT the hidden one... you have to find it on the web site someplace. I think we should get the Boy Scouts to look for it for us!

Note: That $5 never was found, and it was "hidden" in plain view on Scouting for a Cure Team page.

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