Monday, March 02, 2009

I'm home

I am home for a little bit, to catch up on reality and life. Not sure when I’ll be going back to my friend, but I know I will eventually, I love her so I just can’t abandon her.

It was a hard time, harder than I ever imagined. Remember the movie “Groundhog Day” where the star relives every day, day after day… that is what it was like, only there were no changes, and I couldn’t influence how the day would go. I heard the same thing almost every day, and watched as she forgot the simple things in life, like where she put a box of tissues.

I came home because it was apparent to me that I was helping her, helping her to forget she had a problem, and making life easier for her by being there. Yes, that was good, but she needs more, and my being there was not convincing her of that. She forgot she had memory problems, and forgot about the delusions she’d had before I arrived. She decided she was just fine living alone, although she wasn’t alone and no matter what I said or did, she decided she didn’t need to change things.

So as hard as it was, I left her alone for a few days, maybe a week, until she realizes she does have a problem, and she does need someone to keep an eye on her, and that isn’t going to happen where she is living now. She needs a better home, someplace where people can help her.

I have a favor to ask of my friends … please don’t ask me for any details, it’s just too painful to rehash this, and there isn’t a conclusion yet… I’ll tell you about it when I am ready so please don’t ask. Thanks

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