Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Back to quilting

No, not yet, I’m just not ready.  But I better get there soon, I have a retreat starting just 20 days from now.  And right now my retreat and quilting stuff is scattered all over this house and in the garage and it might just take me 20 days to find it all again!

And I know a certain long arm quilter who is waiting for me to pick up some quilts, and I want to get them too. 

And there is still two or three loads of laundry left from the weekend.

And I think I promised a mystery sometime this month. 

Guess I’d better get my act together and get to it. 

But several of you have asked me questions about the wedding etc and it would be rude not to answer, right? 

Kathy wanted to know where Mike and Kelly went on their honeymoon.  They didn’t go yet, Kelly is still working on her masters degree and had a class Monday night.  They will be going during winter break to Sandals in Jamaica. 

Lynn wanted to know how the kitty aka Mufasa did during all the company and was he still here.  He did pretty well considering all the harassment he got.  You know boys just can not tease an animal, and since this one loves fighting, he enjoyed it.  He loved that the two sofa beds were open and he could crawl under them, and he just doesn’t understand why he can’t now.  And yes, he is still with us, Mike and Kelly aren’t ready for him just yet. 

And quite a few people have asked to see ME at the wedding.   If you are a friend on facebook, now that I’ve been talked into going back there and even posting there, there are a lot of photos of me at the wedding.  I think if you are my “friend” you can see them but facebook is still foreign to me so I could be wrong.  But, since you insist, here are a few for the blogger friends.  (Which I like much more than facebook)
My sister Kathy (Kate) and me
front view
Mike and I dancing
rear back view
Photographer Issa Michel, Mike and Kelly and Jon and me
after the rainbow shots were taken. 
(And they were running to get more photos before it faded)
I’ll share more when we get the photographers pictures, I’m pretty sure he took a few of me and I can’t wait to see the family ones!

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