Friday, September 02, 2011

Yesterday's blahs

The day started out good and ended even better, it was just the middle that got me down.  Goes way back to Friday when we evacuated and John told me to stop the mail.  Which I did on line as soon as we got to Newark.  Problem was, I didn’t save the confirmation number so I had no way to resume it, so had to wait for the week to be over.  (Yes I know I could have gone to the post office, but I had too much else to do and decided snail mail could wait)

So yesterday we got a bundle of mail, Saturday’s through Thursday’s.  In that mail was a summons to appear for jury duty… right smack in the middle of one of the fall retreats!

I’ve sent a letter along with my “form” begging to be let off.  It’s not like I can cancel the retreat now, it’s past the cancellation date.  I included with my letter a copy of the hotel contract and their cancellation policy.  Surely the court won’t make me lose several thousand dollars already spent, and spoil the retreat for the 24 ladies who are signed up for it…  watch for updates and hope they are good ones.
Today I went to see the vampires again.  This time it was fasting, which meant no food or more importantly no coffee.  And because I am such a hard stick, I knew to drink lots of water and to wait until later in the morning to go get it done.  I didn’t realize how long I had waited until my stomach growled at the receptionist when I checked in…almost 1:00.  The nurse still had a hard time finding a good vein, but she finally did.  Now I hope it doesn’t bruise, I don’t want a purple hand for the wedding.

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  1. I doubt if they will make you cancel the retreat. Heavens, I think my s-i-l has been released from jury duty next week because they are coming to my son's wedding. You'll probably just go back into the pool to be called up later or given a specific date to come. Don't fret over it.

    My sewing has slowed down a lot recently -- partly my interest has slowed down and partly because I busy with other things. Take care... and stay out of the traffic. B.


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