Thursday, September 29, 2011

Too much ado about nothing

That’s what kind of day I’m having AGAIN…. I’ve been doing since I got up and nothing is done yet and I’ve had a hundred interruptions and I am all alone… well except for Mufasa.

Speaking of… he learned a hard lesson today, you can not run and jump on a wet floor. I had just finished mopping the kitchen floor when he decided he needed a snack. He noticed his bowl wasn’t on the floor but up on the counter so he took off running to jump up there and landed on his rump on a pile in the corner of the kitchen. He’s not allowed on the counters so I’m glad he missed and hopefully he learned his lesson. Maybe he learned more than one, no jumping on the counter, no running on wet floors and Pine-Sol tastes funny when you try to wash it off your paws.

And I learned a valuable lesson too, it doesn’t hurt to ask for a discount. When you are a good customer businesses will do something nice for you if you ask. I really appreciate this discount, it adds up. And these days every dime counts.

Am I getting any quilting done…. No although I did pick up four quilts from the quilter yesterday. They are still sitting on the kitchen table where I put them when I came home. But the kitchen table is in the living room right now while the kitchen floor dries.

And I have more work to get done so I’d better get at it!

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