Thursday, September 15, 2011

Can you say chaos?

12:05 PM - Two cars pull in the driveway. Two young men empty cars in record time, filling my kitchen, back porch and who knows where else with miscellaneous “stuff” and then disappear to who know where…

Oh yea, the ladies went to get their nails done. I was invited, but since I don’t have nails I declined.

The guys went to accept the rentals… tables, chairs, linens, etc. at the reception site.

John jumped in the shower to cool off and I think I will do the same when he is finished…

Then the chaos will start all over again when the couples come back here to do who knows what before they head off to who knows where for what.

Two more days.


  1. ROFL! I love it Marge and you have successfully delivered the feeling of chaos and bewilderment ... chuckle. Hopefully it will all go off as planned with not too many "incidents".


  2. marge, hope all goes DD got married 2 years ago and even tho i didn't live close, there was a fair amount of hustle and bustle...enjoy the day. 2 years from now nobody will know the difference if there were little things that didn't go as planned...

  3. Have fun Marge! My house is starting to get like that too. Tulle in bedroom for the gazebo, will the flowers dry right so they look good. OH we need 15 table centerpieces not 8......and do I know what I am wearing yet....NO!

  4. And I can't wait to see the pictures!


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