Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What did I do yesterday?

I did a lot of some things, a little bit of nothing and some more of not much.  But I got a lot accomplished.  I am making progress in getting ready for the retreats, working on dates for future years’ retreats, and even working on a brand new retreat.  The new one was sort of on demand.  So many people wanted to come in the spring, but that retreat is booked year to year, so I’m contemplating adding a second spring retreat.  No, it won’t be the same time as the show, but there are so many ladies who don’t care about the show and would honestly prefer retreating when there isn’t a show on, making shops less crowded. 

I also did something I said I would never do… started a Delaware Quilts page on Facebook.  If you read me often you know I don’t really like Facebook.  But after the wedding, when I got lessons on Facebook, and when people started posting personal photos of the happily married couple, I started to have a second opinion of it.

And then someone started pushing me to do a Delaware Quilts page.  Her suggestion was a good one, more people see Facebook than the blog, and possibly I could drum up some more Mysteries For Relay business.  DS#1 has been after me to start a Delaware Quilts facebook page to, so he was happy.  And if I make one of my boys happy, it was worth all the trouble, LOL!

For now I don’t have a short URL for the facebook page, but if you want to follow it or like it or whatever you do… you can search in the facebook search box for Delaware Quilts.  As soon as I get the short URL I will post it on the right!

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