Tuesday, September 20, 2011

More Wedding

No I’m not done yet.  I have much more to say about the best wedding ever. 

Mainly Mike and Kelly planned the entire happening and they are amazing wedding planners.  They did a LOT of research and got the best of everything for their wedding.  I have to comment on all of them and I hardly know where to begin….

Burt Miller, brand new Daddy and terrific sax player which has nothing what so ever to do with his job at the wedding… the ceremony.  Burt is Mike and Kelly’s pastor and did an amazing job at the rehearsal and wedding and had the most important job of all, marrying them!

The rehearsal dinner was held at their favorite restaurant in Lewes, Agave.  John and I had not been there before, but we will go again, and their party room is great.  Not traditional tables where you sit, but comfortable sofas and coffee tables.  Oh there are a few tables but arranged in a family room kind of setting, very nice.  The food was terrific, but watch out for the spicy shrimp… delish but oh so spicy!

Reception site, Nassau Valley Vineyards.  I remember the vineyards when it started, just a few rows of vines and one little building.  Now it is a great venue and I would recommend it to anyone for a party or happening. 

Dover Rent-All provided what the Vineyards did not and did a great job at set up and take down too. 

Bayside Limos drove us to the wedding (thanks Sam) and home again (thanks Ellyne).

The ceremony music was done by Keith White and Josh Ostasewski and was perfect, just right. 

Food!  YUMMY!  (even as leftovers!)  Georgia House and Joanne Dorey and ALL of the servers too did a great job.  Guests have commented to me how polite they were at all times.  


The cake was by Joanne Hearn of Cakes by Joanne and it was perfect, even the mustache cake.  And she provided an extra layer incase there wasn’t enough, and I’m so happy Mike and Kelly shared it with us!  Perfectly moist deliciously divine chocolate mmmmmmmm

Even though I am not into most of today’s music, I very much enjoyed the wedding music.  And DJ Amaze did an outstanding job with the dance crowd… except for one thing.. he never got back to that fun Soul Train dance.
You  might have to enlarge this to see, but this is DJ Amaze and Issa Michel photographer at work...
look like part of the party gang to me!
And the photos!  Amazing photos were taken at this wedding, probably a million all together… or at least close. 

The photographer IssaMichel came all the way from Fairfax VA and was such a delight.  He was like one of the party even before we got to the wedding and by the end of the night he was like an extended family member.  He was so polite in his arranging things and people and fit right in the crowd.  I can not wait to see ALL the photos he took. 

And then there was Story Booths’ Heather and Claire.  I’ve known Heather for a few years now through Relay but never knew about her side job until Relay last year when she brought her Story Booth along as a fundraiser.  There I met Claire, Heather’s Story Booth partner and there Mike and Kelly saw "THE" photo booth they wanted for their wedding.  And Heather and Claire and their Story Booth were there, and the guests quite enjoyed it as you can clearly see
Kelly and Mike
Some of the bridal party

Steph and Jon

Cheri, John's sister
My sister Kate who will always be Kathy to me
not real sure who these women are

The Davis Gang

these two look familiar
I think... no... maybe... gee? 

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