Thursday, September 12, 2013


I’ve had cats most of my adult life, with a few years kittyless due to moves and babies, etc.  When we lost Fluffer I said no more, my heart can’t take losing another kitty. 

A few years ago we kitty sat for our grandkitty Mufasa.  Let’s just say that while we loved him, he sure was not like any other kitty we’d ever had.  Mufasa was a climber and had to get into everything, and I do mean everything.  But as much trouble as he was, I kind of missed him when he went home to Maryland with Mike and Kelly.

BUT.. I said no more.  I didn’t miss the kitty litter (not what’s in it, the litter itself, I hate the smell of the “clay”.  I didn’t miss the cat hairs.  I didn’t miss the noises that go bump, thump and even rumble in the middle of the night.  And I really didn’t miss the cat hairs.

But… oh yes you know where this is going…  Aunt Sheryl can no longer take care of her kitties, I’m not even sure she knows she has kitties anymore since her hip break on Labor Day.  And now we’ve been told she can not move back into her room at the home, but will be staying at the healthcare facility the rest of her life.  John has been cleaning litter and feeding the cats for over a year now, as well as brushing them and giving them the loving they need.  Sheryl acknowledged them some, but that faded more and more and now….

Well there were two, but one of the CNA’s at the home fell in love with Abby and took her home last week.  Poor KG has been all alone except for nightly visits from John and me.  We’ve tried to find him a home but no luck.  So tonight he came home with us.  He’s a good kitty….
I think…
I hope… 
Time will tell


  1. he will make you laugh, bring you joy, make the house a little stinky, put hair on your quilts, and you'll wonder how you lived without him!

    Nicely done.

  2. He's adorable - and he looks like he's loving your quilt - ;))


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