Wednesday, September 04, 2013


For my friend Susan who asked about Readers…  Google used to have a Google Reader where you could make a list of all of the blogs you enjoy reading, and read them all in the same place.  Google dropped their reader, and lots of us blog readers scrambled to find new places to put our lists. 

A reader is much nicer than bookmarks.  With the reader you can actually read the whole blog of all the blogs you want to read in one space.  Kind of like a newspaper, you can open up and read the news you want to all in the same place.  You don’t have to click on a bookmark, it’s already there for you to see. 
Some bloggers have shortened versions of their blogs only, which is a setting that that blogger sets up on his or her site.  Those blogs you have to go to directly to read the whole thing.  (I find a lot of the bloggers who have it set up that way have ads that pay them for readers, which is why they want you to go to their site to read them, it’s the only way they get paid.) 

I’ve been using but want more organization in my blogs than it allows (or than I can figure out how to do, LOL!)  So I thought I’d ask what other bloggers are using and give a few different ones a try. 
I guess that’s like getting more than one newspaper which is kind of ironic, we don’t get any newspapers here at home. 


  1. I've been using BlogLovin. I have no clue how to organize it but I like it far better than the old google one. I think it is because I can flip through blogs without going back to a main page. There may be a way to organize but I don't see it on my iPad.

  2. I use InoReader (as in "I'm no Google Reader). It was written by ex-Google Reader programmers and has the same look and feel as the Google Reader. I'm very pleased with it.

    You can read about it at

    1. HiMarge
      i discovered NewsBlur. very similar to google reader. check it out.


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