Thursday, September 19, 2013

What have I been doing?

Truthfully, nothing, nothing at all.  Well I did the usual, laundry, house work, eat, sleep and design a new mystery.  But otherwise nothing much really. 

I did go to my Relay meeting last night, which was great.   I saw the passion and enthusiasm that I was looking for, saw a few old friends and made a few new ones.  I am really looking forward to the actual event now, IF the weather cooperates.

Honestly, I about froze to death last night, and it wasn’t even really that cold.  I am shocked at how my body reacts to cold these days.  At one point I felt like someone had shoved an ice rod up my back and the pain was unbelievable.  I got up and walked it off, warming up a bit just by moving around.  It helped, even if I probably did look strange getting up and walking around during a meeting….

Now, what kind of fun can I get into today?

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