Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Another finish

When I updated the web site at the beginning of the month I realized I had not updated my UFO list since April, meaning I had not finished a quilt since then.  I started the year with 35 UFOs and one WIP.  The WIP is now a UFO and I’ve made 14 new quilts.  Two I am not counting on the UFO list as they will be donated as tops to Bob’s Blankie Brigade

Regardless, since I hadn’t finished any of the new quilts that meant my UFO number was going up instead of down and I had to do something about that!  So when I finished the special project I decided to do some bindings. 

Since my fingers don’t work well holding little things it had to be by machine.  I’d tried different techniques before and thought I had one down…. But … well the first quilt I did just wasn’t great.  I started on the front side and turned it over and finished on the back.  It’s OK, binding is secured all the way, but it wasn’t as perfect as I wanted.  So the second one I started on the back and finished on the front and it looked pretty darn good to me.  

I finished four smaller quilts and decided since I was on a roll I’d try a bigger one.  It’s done and the binding is pretty darn nice if I do say so myself.  I do prefer bindings finished by hand, but if the hands don’t work and mine won’t, I’m just going to have to settle on machine.  

Now on to something new!

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