Sunday, October 19, 2014

More bulbs planted

Yesterday we worked in the yard because the weatherman said it was likely to be our last warm day of the year.  We still have a half a bucket of tulip bulbs to plant.  We went out and decided where we wanted the tulip bed to be, in a circle around my thorn bush.  Just deciding where was probably the hardest part… we thought.

John got the tiller from the shed, brought it to the front yard and tried to start it, and tried to start it, and tried to start it.  And that’s all we got done. 

Well not quite true.  While he was trying to start the tiller I dumped a bag of potting soil in to the old wheelbarrow that sits under a tree in the front yard, kind of our country decoration.  In the summer it’s filled with petunias and I decided it needed crocus for the spring.  I stuck a whole bunch of crocus bulbs in there and now just have to wait for spring to see if they come up… will be a while before I can show it.  
PS, glad we did go out yesterday, quite chilly today!

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