Thursday, October 02, 2014

Made possible by many

Way back in 2005-2006 American Cancer Society announced that Relay For Life would be doing on fundraising line.  I was literally “drafted” to be the on line chair for our event that year.  It was something no one knew anything about and everyone, including me, had to learn as we went along.  At the end of that Relay year our event, one of the smaller events in our region, won the top on line fundraising award. 
Fast forward to 2014… that little event is no more and I’ve moved on to a different event looking for the Relay spirit I missed so very much.  I found it and last night was given top individual and top team fundraising recognition.  (And FYI was the second top individual fundraiser too!)
Thanks to all of YOU who made that happen!

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  1. We are all so proud of you, Marge! You work tirelessly to make a difference....this lowly certificate celebrates your success. Thank you, Marge, for all you do.Thank you to all who contribute and support Marge. Together we will beat this horrible disease. I am reminded how far this battle has already come; nothing is impossible.


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