Monday, October 13, 2014

I’ve been busy

It’s almost retreat time so I’ve started putting together my “stuff” to take with me.  When you’re the host, you have a lot of stuff, an awful lot of stuff…  more than my car can carry so I’m very thankful for a local friend who is coming up too. 
And I’m working on a few new projects.  I’m making sampler blocks from some of my BOMs, some old and some new too.  And I am starting my postage stamp quilts. 

Yes quilts… I’ve decided to make some eye spy postage stamp quilts for kids, using up fabrics I have on hand.  I thought I had enough to make some great quilts and started cutting.  With two of each square in a quilt, how much of a fabric would decide how many quilts I could make…  I cut and cut and cut for three days and ended up with 18 piles of three inch squares.  However, there are only sixty some squares in each pile and I’ve used up all of my kids fabrics… so I have some digging to do and maybe even some shopping. 

In the meantime I also starting cutting for my own postage stamp quilt or maybe quilts, time will tell.  I’ve decided my squares will be 2 1/2 inches, that way I can use up some of my left over strips from jelly rolls and other projects.  There is lots and lots of cutting in my future before I can even begin to sew. 

Yesterday I got sidetracked… the yard needed some work.  I have had a huge bucket of bulbs that needed to be put back in the ground.  And since it rained all day Saturday I thought the ground would be soft and easier to plant some of them… and I was right.  We worked about four hours, me digging holes and putting bulbs in and him weeding another small garden.  I only got half the bulbs planted but he got all the weeds pulled, until they come back.  And when we finished we were both too tired and sore to do much of anything else, so we didn’t… he watched TV and I read.... and thought about what other fabrics I could add to some eye spy postage stamp quilts…   

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