Sunday, October 12, 2008

$300 Retreat Raffle Winner Announcement

Here is the original announcement, copied from my Retreat web page

How would you like to win a
$300 Retreat Gift Certificate?
Or mail me a check made payable to the
American Cancer Society
at my address below.
For each dollar donated you will get one
chance to win a $300 gift certificate which
you may apply to any
Quilters Retreat in 2009.
The winner will be drawn on
October 12, 2008 and announced here.
Only non-purchase donations.
Only Mystery donation amounts above $30 apply.
(If you donate $50, $20 applies to this drawing.)
(Gift certificate may be applied to any 2009
Quilters Retreat held in Bird-in-Hand PA where rooms are
available. It will cover the cost of a full retreat package
depending on which retreat you apply it to. If the cost of
the retreat is greater than the gift certificate, you are
responsible for paying the difference. If the cost of the
retreat is less than the gift certificate, you may apply the
balance to a 2010 retreat or to your roommate's bill.
Gift certificate is transferable to another person. There will
not be any money refunded if the gift certificate is not fully
used and it must be used by November 1, 2009.)

How the winner was selected….
I took all of the donations which had come in since May when I put that on my web site and put them in an excel spreadsheet. I then sorted them three different ways, and put each one on a different sheet, A, B and C.

I asked my internet friends to pick a number between 1 and 500, and a letter, either A B or C. I put those all in a spread sheet also. This morning I added them up, and divided the number by the number of picks, to get the average. Then I added up how many picked A B and C, and C was the winner. The average number was 155, so the winner was the lucky person who was #155 on sheet C, and that person was Marge Hicks. This has been verified by three different ladies who I asked to help me with this drawing.

Thanks to everyone who made donations , together we will find the cure.
Thanks to everyone who responded with numbers and letters, and to the ladies who confirmed the winner for me.

And here is the winner's reply to the announcement...
ME??????????? The Winner?
Oh I so wish I could use it. But since it is transferable, I would like to share it equally with Candy and Joan Kehoe, if that's ok with them. I love the Lancaster area. This is total shock as I usually never win things. Thank you so much!
Big hugs from Arkansas

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