Sunday, October 05, 2008

Lighthouse work trip

Yesterday John and Mike went on a lighthouse work trip, Mike’s first and John hopes not the last. Here are some photos from their trip.

This first photo shows the Kalmar Nickel and one of the Ferries docked at the Cape May Lewes Ferry Terminal, where these lighthouse trips originate from.

Here’s Mike at the tip of the breaker which is home to the Harbor of Refuge light. The only way to this point is up the rocks or down the ladder from the light, which you can see waiting for them to get back up again.

Yep, Dad had his photo taken too, for which I am glad. He is usually the photographer, and I don’t have a lot of him on these trips.

But enough play, this was a work trip after all, and yes, they worked their bottoms off. Here is Mike helping Mark shore up a cracked beam on the dock.

Mike and Mark at work.

And more of the work crew, Red, Charlie and Ed. Notice Mike under the dock.

Here is a shot looking down at where they were working. You can see the huge gaps in the dock, Mother Nature took a grate and some of the dock away in the last few storms, which was one of the reasons for this trip, to survey the damage, and come up with a plan for next year. (You can’t play with Mother Nature, no matter what you do, she will undo it, and they’ve learned that lesson!)

Finally the launch was back to pick them up, and they headed off to their next stop,

which was the Delaware Breakwater East End Lighthouse or as we call it, the Inner Light.

Here are my worker men at the top of the Inner Light, over looking the point of Cape Henlopen.

And here is Mike at the Fresnel lens

Notice how everything through the lens is upside-down?

Here is the whole work crew, minus the photographer.

And then it was back to shore on the launch….

I can’t wait to hear Mike’s version of the trip!

I didn’t go, I don’t do boats, and these lights you can only get to by boat! I stayed home and worked on web pages and quilts yesterday. One web page was for me, a new page of quilts I would like to sell this year to benefit Relay For Life. Take a peek if you would like, and if you know anyone looking for a quilt, please share this address with them.

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