Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Fairchild Boys

Here is another photo of the newest family member, Devin Chase Fairchild… isn’t he cute! I “borrowed” this from their family web site, since I couldn’t be there in person this time.

When Jared was on his way to join the family Scott and Tara asked me to come help out. I was honored and thrilled and cleared my schedule for the arrival…. Then complications set in and I got a call saying come now… almost a month early. I drove (all by my lonesome I will proudly say) to Michigan in one 12 hour stretch, and didn’t get lost until I arrived in Ann Arbor… hey, I only missed the exit to their house, and it just happened to be rush hour, but Scott talked me to their house on the side roads and I made it there safely. (Thank goodness for cell phones!)

The next morning early a friend from home called to check up on me (thanks Diane) when she saw on the morning news cars and trucks stranded on the Ohio Turnpike from all the ice and snow… good thing I did make it in one trip, or I may not have gotten there! Scott was out snow blowing the accumulation which he claimed was just a dusting… but he was used to it, and prepared. By time I went out to go to the hospital I had to use my hands to shovel off my car, LOL! (On the way home from the hospital I stopped at Home Depot for some “snow removal tools” of my own, LOL!)

It snowed every day I was there, including the day Jared finally made his appearance. I will never forget Tara’s Doctor running down the hall in his big heavy overcoat and boots when the nurses called him in from home when it was time for the arrival… I think he may have delivered Jared in those boots too!

Jared’s arrival was something I will never forget. Tara was such a wonderful mother-to-be… she looked like those TV births where the actress pants a few times and the baby arrives. I know I wasn’t anything like that when Jonathon came along… Tara was so cool and calm I was so happy for her and so proud of her!

And Jared was a precious little bundle… only I never got to hold him. He was rushed off to the NICU and when he was free from his “cage” I let Mom and Dad do all the holding and I snapped photos. I didn’t get to stay for the homecoming since I had a business trip scheduled that I could not change, and it broke my heart to leave, I will admit I cried as I left the hospital…

Now he's a big brother, and I hope he is a big helper to his Mom, and treats his little brother with the love and kindness I know he has in him.

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  1. Cute little one. Heck, I'm here tearing up after reading about you having to leave! OF COURSE you cried! Bonnie.


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