Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The stone is gone

The kidney stone, removed surgically this morning, and all is well. A little pain, but modern medicine is a wonderful thing, and John is doing just great. I’m hanging in there and making a so so nurse, nagging him to drink.

I have a photo of it, the Doctor gave it to me… don’t worry, I’m not showing it here, I’m not showing it to anyone, I still can’t believe he gave it to me, LOL!

So now maybe we can get back to normal, and maybe when I get home from the retreat in November we can finally finish moving rooms…. We are still sleeping in the office, and the old sewing room soon to be master bedroom still needs painting etc. And then maybe I can get all the bedroom stuff out of my sewing room and be able to say that job is done too.
Fingers crossed!

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