Thursday, October 09, 2008

A DMV funny….

The other day I called DMV to find out what it would cost to transfer my vanity tag to my new car. I expected to have to have both car registrations and insurance, and my driver’s license as ID, but wondered the cost. What I did not expect was that I had to have the bank’s permission to put the vanity tag on the car.

When the kind person on the phone told me that, I said something like “What? Say that again.” I honestly wasn’t sure I heard her correctly. But she assured me that since the bank owned my car, they had the right to say yes or no to my vanity plates.

So I called the bank and asked them to send me written permission to put vanity tags on my new car. The lady on the other end of the phone said something like “What? Say that again.” And I said it again, and she laughed… and then put me on hold. A few minutes later she was back and said “Say that again” and I did, and she said she had never heard of such a thing, but she would check with collateral and I was back on hold. She came back, laughing again, and said no one had ever heard of such a thing, and really didn’t think it was necessary, but of course everyone wanted to know what my tag would say…. I think they were are very disappointed when I said “QUILTS” She laughed and put me back on hold again… finally she was back and said they would mail me the letter ASAP, and thanked me for cheering up what was otherwise a dreary day.

I had hoped to get my tags back before the retreat at the end of the month, but I guess that isn’t going to happen…I have to wait for that letter, then go to DMV and wait in line with all the necessary paperwork, and then wait for them to mail me tags that I already own anyway…

And I never did find out how much it would cost me.

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  1. Think of this as adding to the life span of the people at the bank. Government is sure weird sometime. When we went to register one of our cars here in PA it came back unaccepted. We went what? It's been registered in MD for 6 years or so. Maryland had never caught the fact that the vin was wrong. Not enough numbers listed! Live and learn. Thanks for the chuckle!


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