Wednesday, October 01, 2008

First of the month duties

Same thing every month, pay the bills, update the web pages, check hardly ever used email addresses for emails…. Usually it doesn’t take me all day to do this, thanks to high speed internet and on line banking. But today was another matter. John was working from home today since he’s fighting another kidney stone, so the modem had to be downstairs. And I think I’ve told you that the wireless network is a little unreliable from that corner of the house to this one… and today it was worse than unreliable, it just wasn’t at all.

However, all of those first of the month duties are finished now, and all the little used email addresses checked, and all the web sites updated. Today that included the East Sussex Relay sites since we got confirmation of our event location today, The American Legion just off Route 24. I think that will be a nice location, and being on the highway like that might draw in some curious people, and hopefully some more donations.

Between times the net was on and not on, I worked on a new quilt design, not far enough along to know if I will like it or not, but I think it might be a fun one. And while I was working on that one, one of my testers made a complete top from another new design, she got hers done even before I started mine! I love it, and she loved it, and I think this one will be popular for a while, hopefully selling lots of patterns and raising lots of money for ACS!

Today's Photo... not mine, but a friend sent me a email full of funny kitty photos. I'm sharing this one because my son and his girl have a new kitten that loves boxes, and this reminded me of him.
There is a whole web site of these!

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