Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Why is it?

Why is it on a day when you really want peace and quiet you get all heck….

Today started off ok… but has gone down hill fast. Between the phone ringing and the spam emails I’m not getting any thing done… nothing!

No, I don’t need to know how to satisfy my partner with a large you know what. (email)
And no, I am not worried about my credit rating, it’s just fine thank you. (phone)
And no, I do not need insurance for my business (phone)
I do not need a better way to advertise (phone)
I do not need to contact people I went to high school with (email)
I do not want to see the world for $40 a day (email)
I do not have a timeshare to sell (email)
I do not need a new car, I just bought one (email AND phone)
I do not want to save money on my car insurance, I have the best insurance company in the world. (email)
I think it’s too late to me to prepare for the future with a college degree.‏ (email)
I do not need to Restore my Account Access RXI110‏ (email)
And Wm@viagra.com I got your 500 emails and am not interested in what you have to offer me, so leave me the heck alone! (email, and yes, I have a spam blocker!)

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