Sunday, January 04, 2009

Christmas is over

Yes, Christmas is over...
Officially now, we just took down the tree. It looked very pretty this year, plain and simple, just like me. There’s a photo in one of my earlier posts.

But I really loved the ornaments I used this year, all homemade and 99% of them made by me. Here are some photos…

This Santa is my favorite. I made a dozen or more of these, one for each family... I wonder how many still make it to a tree every year?

These embroidery ones are from the early 70s, when I was working at the fabric shop in Jefferson Manor in Alexandria. I think they had to hang in the store before they came home, and I know there were more, but these are the only two left.

In the early 80s I used plastic frames.

These were made in 1991 while we were living in Germany. There are a dozen or so.

And these lollypops were made when the boys were small, and when I couldn’t trust to have candy canes on the tree without them somehow disappearing. Well I have to be honest, it wasn’t always the boys, Peanut our dog had a sweet tooth too.

Merry Christmas till next year!

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  1. You're ornaments are gorgeous, it seems such a shame that they are only on display for such a short time each year -- but isn't it so much fun to take that trip down memory lane while looking at them?


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