Sunday, January 18, 2009

I just can not get motivated…

I just can not get motivated… here is what is left on my to do list. Not much, and mostly pleasurable, except for #1 and #2…
To Do List
1. Clean desk
2. Laundry
3. Mike’s state taxes Jan 20th
4. Work on Joan’s quilt!!!
5. Binding on new UFO
6. Work on Summer Mystery

The desk HAS to be done, the piles are growing, and if I don’t clean it off soon I won't be able to see the monitor. Who knows what lurks at the bottom of the piles, not me for sure.

Laundry isn’t a rush, we still have clean clothes, and there is still room in the laundry basket for more dirties. But I will start it tomorrow anyway, just so I can check it off the list for the week.

Tuesday I will do Mike’s state taxes, federal is done, as disappointing to him as it was. He earned lots, so expected lots more back, but that didn’t happen. Hopefully the state will be kinder to him. (Especially since he needs new tires on his car.)

All I really want to do is work on Joan’s quilt. I’m pretty sure I need to make a few more border hearts, but can’t tell just yet…
first the desk,
then the sewing machine and cutting table,
and then Joan’s quilt!

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