Friday, January 23, 2009


Guess who is sewing this afternoon. All my Relay work is done, and all my web pages updated that needed updating and now I am working on my To Do list. #1 on that list is Joan’s quilt, and I’m making some hearts for the borders, to add to the other hearts which came in from Pennsylvania, Tennessee and Ontario. This is going to be a colorful border, and I just know Joan’s going to love it! If she doesn’t, I’ll just keep it… (Joking Joan, just joking!)

Tomorrow is a mystery day on my Fabricaholics Anonymous group, one of my favorite quilts. My plan is to maybe finish, I hope, Joan’s quilt, and then make another smaller mystery quilt… I almost said the name of it, LOL!

In reply to the comment below, and the emails I've gotten. Those hearts were made by Anne in TN, and she used my Scrappy Hearts pattern, which can be found on my BOMs page

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  1. I LOVE your batik hearts!


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