Saturday, January 17, 2009

Why nothing gets done

Yesterday when I climbed the stairs to the sewing room I wondered to myself if I would get to sew. I decided I’d better make a To Do list so I knew what had to be done before I could indulge myself in that pleasure. My list is below…
To Do List

1. DONE Pay bills
2. DONE Change sheets
3. Laundry
4. DONE Jonathon’s student loan stuff
5. Mike’s taxes
6. B-i-H contracts
7. Clean desk
8. DONE email list loaded, send test email
9. DONE Kick Off Photos
10. DONE Off line registration form
11. DONE Luminaria Form
12. DONE Meet the Relayer on line
13. Outside errands ALL DONE

1. Make deposits
2. Pick up dry cleaning
3. Walmart
4. food
5. check LLB for duffle
6. Staples
7. get gas
14. Work on Summer Mystery

I didn’t do them in that order, no where close, I just sort of went through them and got done what needed to be done, and what was easiest first. Some things took much longer than I thought they would, such as the luminaria form. For some reason I could not get it formatted to fit one page. I did it over and over and over again… it was one page until I saved it as a PDF, and then it would be two pages. In the end I gave up, and cut out three lines, inserting instructions to put certain information on the reverse side and loaded it up. (Me thinks me will completely redo the form if I have this job again next year, it needs a change anyway, been pretty much the same for years.)

And the outside errands took much longer than I anticipated. Of course meeting my friend Sue for lunch wasn’t on the list, but it sure made going out in the cold nicer. After lunch (Yummy soup at Jakes) I went to Walmart. I didn’t know it was old people shopping day, but there I was with tons of them, I think I was the youngest shopper there. Fortunately I knew where everything I needed was, and was soon in line, the longest part of my time there. (I had to get in line behind a lady who wanted everything rung up separately so she had receipts for each item… grumble) Three hours later my outside errands were all done and I was home again… back out of the bitter cold (19 degrees according to my car)
Then back to the list. I was past 8 when I finally gave up for the day, list still not finished, and no sewing done at all.

And this morning the same thought crossed my mind as I climbed the stairs, would I get to sew? I’ve paid all the bills, the contracts for 2012 retreats are signed and ready to go in the mail Monday, I’m waiting for Mike to come to do his taxes (he wants to learn to do them himself, so I will happily wait!), and the laundry can wait till Monday. So as soon as I post this I am cleaning my desk, and THEN maybe I will sew… hopefully…

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