Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hoppy Easter

Beautiful day here and will be a warm one too.

No, we did not go away for the weekend, I’ve just been busy cleaning the mobile home. Well… I’ve been cleaning the trailer making it into a respectable mobile home. Let me say here, my son is not a dirty kid, he never was. He always put things away neatly, and had his things neatly arranged. Well most of the time anyway. And the trailer wasn’t messy, not at all. On the surface it was neat and tidy… man tidy. Both son and husband said the place was ready to go on the market. I took their word for it, but went to inspect anyway.

Son has lived in there since the summer of 2005. It was remodeled in 2008 and all new appliances were installed. Both bathrooms were remodeled also. I don’t think anything had been cleaned “Mom clean” since then.

I opened the microwave and there was evidence of many things having been cooked in there.... shudder... I knew then I was in trouble. The smooth top cook surface needed some spot cleaning, but otherwise was ok… that is a visible surface so it was clean. The oven… shudder no one looks in the oven… shockingly filthy. Evidence of many greasy meals and even some spilled cheese spots, well done.

People don’t look in the frig either I guess… no it wasn’t greasy in there, just one rust spot on one shelf that couldn’t be sand blasted off. But there was a smell, not bad but not nice really. And there were bottles on the refrigerator door that had expired in 08, 09 and 10… I’m hoping the smells were coming from one of them, although they were glass and plastic… do bad smells escape through those?

Moving on to the bathrooms…... The shower curtains were pulled so I knew I was in trouble there. He fooled me, not too bad. Yes it needed some Mom cleaning, and Dad had to redo the grout, but not that bad. Once it was cleaned with something other than just water it looked OK. Bleach works miracles. The sinks were ok, once I scraped off the paint drips.. how can you paint and leave drips in the showers and sinks and NOT see them? (Do not hire my son to paint in your home, just a recommendation)

No, my son is not a messy person, he is very neat… he’s just not an expert in “Mom clean”.

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