Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Scrappy time

I am sewing away using up scraps in my scrap bin. My first goal is to empty that, then I will start cutting up fabrics that there is just a little bit of. I have no idea what I am making but want it to be queen size when I am finished. I see four patches, nine patches, rail fence pieces, diagonal half squares, some pinwheels, some stars and who knows what else.

As soon as the scrap bin is empty, I will start laying things out and make a plan. Regardless of what I end up with, I’m having a great time and using up fabrics.

Oh, by the way, that other project, the wedding dress… I’m passing that job on to a more competent seamstress. I can shorten it yes, but the bride has lost so much weight that I’m afraid the dress doesn’t fit her anymore, and those alterations are beyond me. There are stays, lace, and more stuff I never sewed with before or in a long long time. And this is one job I don’t want to mess up!

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