Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Sorry I didn’t post yesterday Kathy, I just plum forgot to. Been busy with Relay for one thing, and for the other thing… I straightened up my sewing room. No, I didn’t clean it, it will never be clean… I just straightened up some.

I organized stuff to go in the scrap bin, squares and strips, I seem to have them all over the sewing room… now they are all in one place, I think. I guarantee you I will find more hidden somewhere. Next retreat I can grab my scrap bin and do some more sewing from there.

I straightened out my desk, it was a mess of unorganized piles. So I went through the piles, and thinned them down to two. One pile is Relay envelopes and team accounting sheets and the other is quilt magazines to go through and some of my patterns which need to be put in envelopes. It’s amazing to see desk top again.

And I went through my UFOs again to see what I could finish next. I’ve decided to quilt the two lighthouse wall hangings and maybe sell them at Relay. I have five un-quilted lighthouse wall hangings… I am only keeping two. One is smaller and I really am not in love with it, and the other two will go to a friend who wants to hand quilt them and give them as gifts to friends or family members. I’m honored she wanted to hand quilt them, sort of wish she would have volunteered to hand quilt mine too, LOL! However she made a nice donation to Relay, so many thanks for that (and the lighthouses are in the mail.)

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